Bedroom Furniture Makeovers to Personalize Your Space

Your bedroom serves as a private retreat where you can relax and unwind, so its design should be customized to you. If your existing bedroom furniture doesn’t match your style, consider ways to make it your own. These bedroom furniture makeover ideas demonstrate how to turn basic dressers, headboards, nightstands and more into unique accent pieces. With fresh paint, fabrics, and other decorative details, you can create your dream bedroom full of color, pattern, and personality. Try one of these bedroom furniture makeovers to make a familiar piece look new.

Wallpaper drawers makeover

Update a basic dresser or chest of drawers with this simple bedroom idea. Start by removing all the drawers and hardware and painting the frame of the unit in your desired color. Choose peel-and-stick wallpaper in a fun pattern and cut pieces to match the fronts of each drawer. Use a credit card to smooth out any air bubbles before attaching the drawer hardware to each drawer

DIY Upholstered Headboard

Renovate your existing wood or metal headboard with fresh material for a softer touch. You can fake an upholstered headboard by making a velvet fabric cover and sliding it over the headboard along with upholstery foam for padding. Attach velvet-covered blank buttons with E6000 Adhesive ($4, Target) to mimic a tufted look or add textural detail.

Update bed storage

Increase the storage capacity of your nightstand with a few simple additions. We upgraded this basic side table with a low shelf between the legs and another open storage area above. A power strip taped to the back of the upper shelf creates a convenient charging station while reducing cable clutter.

Bedroom Chair Makeover

Paint a clear acrylic desk chair with transparent paint and paint thinner to give it a bright look. The color of your bedroom walls should contrast with the color of your bedding for a complementary combination. It’s a good thing the chair is transparent because it will make the color differences between the two appear less stark. Put together a look that combines both bold colors with artwork and desk accents.

Geometric painted chest of drawers

Once a simple white chest of drawers, this bedroom furniture piece now serves as an eye-catching accent. The geometric pattern is created by masking off sections with masking tape and using a consistent peach-and-orange color scheme. To create a more eclectic effect, alternate the direction of the sections.

Nailhead Trim Bench

Nailhead trim adds some shine and rustic style to this bedroom bench. To add nailhead trim to upholstered furniture, tap the first nail into a corner of the frame with a rubber mallet. Measure and mark where the next nail should go, then continue around the frame until the entire piece is covered with even nail caps.

Faux granite chest of drawers

Add unexpected class to your bedroom by applying a faux granite countertop to your standard dresser. I used a countertop transformation kit from Rust-Oleum ($179, The Home Depot) to recreate the signature mottled look of granite. Consider painting the rest of the cabinetry the same tone as the faux granite stains, and add extra appeal by updating the drawer pulls with modern replacements.

Upholstered headboard with stencil

Turn your simple headboard into a work of art. Gray headboard was painted with white fabric paint to stencil this pattern. . Pair with similar tones in other bedroom fabrics to create a cohesive look, then choose a bold accent color for some contrast.

Reupholstered bedroom chair

A well-executed upholstery project can make an old bedroom chair look brand new. Use a luxurious fabric for the upholstered part of the chair where you will sit, but use a less expensive one for the support, where texture doesn’t matter as much. In addition, the two-tone look gives a unique twist to the chairs.

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