Kitchen cabinet color trends that are making a splash right now

If it’s time for a kitchen refresh, nothing can finish off the space like a change of cabinet color. But don’t rely on warm shades of white to get a new look. It’s time to jump on the Technicolor trend in the kitchen, according to Kathryn Lott, owner of Kathryn Lott Design.People are tired of playing it safe,” says Lott. “We’re seeing a lot more in overall color and staining for kitchen cabinets.” With so many colors to choose from, deciding where to start and how to limit your choices to a color that works for you and your space can prove difficult.

Tips for choosing cabinet colors

Bianca Bettencourt, lead designer at FORM, a kitchen cabinet brand specializing in direct-to-consumer sales, says the cabinet is almost always the focal point of any home, regardless of location, orientation and layout. This means that color choices are very important in creating a timeless design. So where does it start?

Betancourt says it’s often easier for her clients to spot what they don’t like than what they do. Even after the initial likes and dislikes appear, there are still many details that influence the choice of a kitchen cabinet color. An addition like a pull, countertop, backsplash, etc., provides a sense of style and personalization to a kitchen, according to Betancourt.  It is important to understand and remove surrounding architectural elements to create a cohesive design.

Choosing the right kitchen cabinet colors may not be the only factor in creating the kitchen of your dreams, but it can certainly set the foundation for a space that shines. You can get inspiring ideas for your kitchen from Betancourt and Lott’s favorite cabinet color trends here.

Type and wood tones

No list of trendy kitchen cabinet colors would be complete without a mention of white, but there’s a new neutral on the scene that’s earthy and exciting. Bettencourt says he is moving away from white cabinets to taupe colors, or sometimes wood tones mixed with taupe. There is plenty of dimension and warmth in this space thanks to these color choices.”

Lott also points to the great outdoors as an inspiration for how we live within. The trend in the kitchen is to use both wood stains and raw wood to create a simple, natural look. She suggests using both wood stains and raw wood to achieve this look. strong and attractive focal point.

And if you’re still looking for that perfect white, Lott suggests Sharon Williams West Highland White. It’s a warm white (not yellow!) that has a strong traditional effect in the kitchen.

Black cabinet

Black cabinets continue to grow in popularity and Betancourt predicts their continued popularity in the coming years. As more millennials begin to buy and/or renovate their homes, the popularity of black cabinets will only increase.

If choosing a black paint color sounds completely overwhelming, you’re not alone.. Instead of going the midnight route, Lott suggests taking things easy. In her opinion, Sherwin Williams’ cast iron is a black that has a gray/blue undertone rather than a deep, dark black.

Double tone cabinet

If you can display two colors, why settle for one? The island and peripheral cabinets are mainly black, while the peripheral cabinets are white.. And while she can get behind a coordinating island, there’s another two-headed trend she warns against. One of the biggest ideas I see right now is for people to choose different colors for their base and top cabinets, so they work together but don’t match, she says. Do not do that”. She makes the space open and busy.

Dark blue cabinet

Blue is still a warm color, Lott says, but thinks deep, dark blues instead of pastels.recommends Sherwin-Williams Navy for “a strong navy base color with a big impact. Rich, vibrant hues like navy blue and black are ideal backgrounds for making hardware and other kitchen elements stand out.For this reason, pay attention to the color of your blue cabinets and compare them to the finishes and fixtures in your kitchen before giving your final stamp of approval. You’ll be glad you took the time to create a kitchen you’ll love living in for years to come.

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