What is Perfume Wood?

Frankincense, also known as frankincense, is a species of tree in the legume family Fabaceae, scientifically known as Pterocarpus Macrocarpus. Widely distributed in Southeast Asia, Northeast India, South Africa, etc. Although distributed in many parts of the world, the Perfume tree is classified as the most rare and precious wood that is strictly controlled by the authorities. authorization.

Characteristics of incense wood

Perfume trees thrive in nature in climate and soil conditions, areas with elevations from 100m – 800m above sea level or basalt red soil.

In Vietnam, the tree is distributed mainly in the Central Highlands provinces: Gia Lai, Dak Lak, Kon Tum, the southern provinces: Phu Yen, Dong Nai, Tay Ninh,… 

This is a large tree with normal height. reach 30 – 35m, diameter can be up to 100cm. The bark is gray-brown, the base of the tree is often thorny. Incense wood is classified as a rare wood, when holding an incense stick in your hand, you will have a very strong and heavy wood grain feeling. 

Observation with the naked eye will see the wood has a dark red or yellow color, has a characteristic light aroma, pleasant to sleep. The wood grain is sharp and beautiful, many types of Huong wood are also shaped like gems, so they are very popular for making furniture and flooring in a luxurious style.

The floor is made of natural Perfume wood which is very solid, good bearing, does not warp after a long time of use. Perfume wood has a characteristic aroma that is user-friendly, non-toxic on contact and is especially resistant to termites. Huong wood core is less hydrated, so this type of natural wood floor will not be moldy or blistered when tiling. Perfume wood grain is considered sharp, beautiful and unique, so each selected Huong wood plank is sophisticated and unique, not duplicated like other types of wood imitation.

Introducing the current types of Huong wood flooring

Perfume wood is grown in many parts of the world such as South Africa, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, etc., so it has many names for different types such as: Red Perfume Wood Floor, Perfume Wood Flooring. Laos Perfume Wood Flooring, South African Perfume Wood Flooring, Perfume Wood Flooring, etc. If you don’t study carefully and find out, perhaps many people will wonder and wonder what types of Perfume wood there are and how to distinguish them like that. any? Based on natural characteristics, color, wood grain and surface smoothness, they can be divided into the following categories.

Red Perfume Wood Floor

This is the most valuable type of wood flooring in the cedar wood species, with a beautiful deep red color, smooth wood quality, and harmonious sharp grain. This type is the rarest because of limited production, grows a lot in South Africa, so it is often called South African Red Perfume wood flooring. This type of flooring is used for a long time, the color is even, does not fade, does not termites.

Perfume Wood Flooring

Laminate flooring has a lighter red color or turns yellowish brown. Wood grain than other types, very easy to identify, relatively smooth wood grain, no termites. If you love sophisticated wood flooring products, this will be an option worth considering because the dense wood grain texture is not available in all types.

Wood floor Perfume stone

The reason it’s called Perfume Stone flooring is because looking at the wood grain, the viewer can clearly see that the wood grain is like a very luxurious gemstone, the wood grain is diverse and rich, and the wood grain is very solid.

How to identify the types of Perfume wood flooring

With genuine imported Huong wood flooring, technical observation will notice that the wood grain of Huong is very beautiful, has a depth that not all types of wood can have, small wood grain, colorful colors. Incense wood will have a recognizable aroma. Another way to get Huong wood humus is to soak it in warm water for about 2 hours, then the water will turn pale yellow-green like tea. Just use tea sandpaper on the underside of the product and soak it in water for results.

Perfume wood is very diverse in types, many people find it difficult to recognize and distinguish to choose the right quality of wood and their value. Catching the recognition points below is that people can distinguish the parts of different types of incense wooden houses.

Pros – Cons of flooring made from Perfume wood


Laminate flooring is made from Huong wood with a solid wood core, not deformed over time.

Completely resistant to termites and mildew.

Non-toxic, no harm to human health long-term exposure.

Longevity of wood flooring products Perfume is long, durable with time, hard to fade, less cracked.


This type of floor also has the disadvantage of high cost, easy to be taken advantage of to make fake goods to gain illicit profits. Cheap wooden flooring is usually a wooden floor of unknown origin, so you need to consider. Consumers should learn about reputable wood floor distribution facilities to choose safe, quality and cost-effective products.

Is Huong wooden floor good?

This is a question many people ask when learning about this type of wood floor. With the above outstanding advantages, it can be seen that Huong wooden floor is an excellent interior material, dominant in both quality, aesthetics as well as longevity. Wood grain is strong, heavy, not affected by weather, mold, termites, warping. Choosing Huong wood products, you do not need to worry about the quality of the wood as well as the maintenance and maintenance of the product, the more you use it, the more beautiful the wood will be.

It is not difficult to see that although there are many other types of wood flooring on the market, this is still a popular name in Vietnam. This is probably due to reasons such as:

Produced from rare wood

Giang Huong is a type of wood classified in group 1 – a very rare wood that needs to be protected. That is why it is more appreciated and preferred to use. Currently, Agarwood is distributed mainly in tropical countries such as Southeast Asia, South Africa and North India. In Vietnam, this wood is often used to make handicrafts, statues, tables and chairs, and flooring.

Solid wood

The wood grain is strong, sturdy, and has excellent bearing capacity. Plus, it’s also termite resistant. Wood has high durability, little warping, shrinkage, so it is considered an ideal material for flooring in Vietnam.

High aesthetics

The natural wood floor has the reddish brown color of natural wood, small wooden shrimp, the wood grain lines running along the grain are vivid and beautiful. In particular, the wood also has a light, pleasant aroma that brings a sense of relaxation to the touch.

High economic value

With rare characteristics, the requirement to use and install Giang Huong wooden floors is always high, but supply often does not meet demand. Therefore, if you choose to build this product line, it not only brings elegance and class to your home space, but also helps your home increase in value when you intend to transfer or resell.

Perfume wood plank flooring

The most used is using Huong wood to cover the floor. Incense wood has the characteristics of solid, heavy, non-termite, good bearing, not affected by weather, mold, termites, so it is the first balanced choice for flooring. Wooden surface feels comfortable to the touch, if you have small children at home, there is no need to worry about the problem of activating the application, you can let your child play on the floor because the wood material is very good.

Perfume wood plank wall paneling

In addition to making floor tiles, Huong wood is also used to make wall tiles. With a gentle and pleasant scent, Perfume wood wall tiles will make the family’s living space become fresh, reducing the closed space effect. A balanced choice between aesthetics and health.

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