Stylish loft bedroom design ideas

If you’re looking for inspiration for the perfect loft bedroom design, you’ve come to the right place. Decorating and planning loft bedroom furniture layout can be a challenge due to their unique designs. Below you’ll find creative ways interior designers and homeowners create exciting loft bedroom designs and get inspired to create a room you’ll love.

Pictured above, exposed beams, pipes, brick walls, and wood floors give this loft its rustic feel and style. A handwoven silk rug helps define the sleeping area. Large glass windows help soften the feeling of space and let sunlight shine into the room. By adding a mirror, it enhances the reflection of light around the room. For privacy, hooded windows and wood blinds are incorporated. A solid wood window frame, reclaimed wood headboard, and tree trunk form the focal point of this loft.

Transforming and decorating a small space like a loft can be challenging, but it can actually be fun. The loft bedroom has a wide range of design opportunities to showcase with its massive architecture, composition and open space. These qualities make this loft unique, interesting and fascinating; But it can also create certain design challenges. Don’t worry, here’s where we can help; By sharing some design solutions and ideas on how to tackle common design issues you may encounter.

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The first step is to assess the suitability of the loft to be converted into an additional room. Next is to determine the current head height; The usable part must be larger than 7 feet. Then select the pitch angle; If you have a high tilt angle, you will likely need a higher head height. Next, check the type of roof structure; Either the roof uses a traditional framed type, which has more of a structural frame or the factory-made truss section type and requires larger structural inputs.

Next is defining the space, you can start with a simple platform design by making use of the textured flooring either by incorporating different materials such as tiles, laminate or laminate flooring. You can also use an area rug or rugs to create a specific space. Adding walls can also help define different functional spaces, such as installing screens or hanging panels or drapery. Carpets, rugs, and fabrics can help achieve sound control in lofts where sound can bounce off like a ping-pong ball.

Storage space is very important in any room and the loft bedroom is no exception. 

However, most of the time the closet space is what seems to have no place despite all that large open space. The solution is simple, create something functional and at the same time still add a certain design feature and personality to the room. Install shelves to hang clothes and stack linens, and make storage blocks to hide that clutter while simultaneously serving as a piece of furniture. Speaking of furniture, choose those that have a storage function such as platform beds, buffet cabinets, chest of drawers or custom-made furniture that can be used as storage and As well as being a focal point in a room, it can also serve as an accent  By eliminating clutter, you create a sense of more space and a more relaxing retreat.

Another important thing to consider is the size or scale of the furnishings

Make sure it matches the capacity of the space in your loft. Always keep the ceiling height in mind. Don’t be afraid to use large pieces of furniture or artwork for dramatic effect. Keep in mind that scale and lines are very important. Take advantage of original building materials already in place such as brick walls, hardwood or concrete floors, and even exposed ductwork or beams.

 When natural light isn’t available

You can always install light fixtures, wall lights or pendant lights. Always consider controlled ventilation in order to maintain good air quality.

Many interior designers recommend loft bedroom ideas that match a soothing, calm color palette. Neutrals are now making their way into the color charts trend. Finding the right shade can blend well together and work beautifully, thus creating a relaxed and inviting ambiance. It can also make even the smallest of spaces feel comfortable, bright and lively.

We hope that our photo collection will give you more in-depth ideas for making a wonderful loft. Here are a few design concepts for you to consider and remember that your own creative style is limited only by your imagination.

The upper rooms of the bedroom

This cozy upstairs cabin takes advantage of a knee-length wall partition, installation of wall-to-wall rug, creates a door and defines a separate sleeping area for privacy. The balcony window allows for a scenic view and allows an ample amount of natural light to shine through the day. A higher ceiling allows air to circulate better. This is the best and most beautiful solution that prevents the loft from being just a storage space.

The bare concrete ceiling with exposed ductwork features an industrial design scheme. Hardwood floors make the room feel cozier and warmer. Area rugs are used to delineate different areas such as the sleeping area and study/office area. No need for a lot of artwork on the wall because these large windows and balcony allow for the beautiful landscaping outside to add the finishing touches to this contemporary loft.

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These large windows, more commonly known as skylights, are one of the primary skylight conversions. These types of windows can be easily installed over an existing roof and do not require many structural modifications. Light-colored patterned wood floors give this room a feeling of warmth and comfort. Once again, an area rug defines the seating area for this spacious loft. The rustic wall finish blends well with the old, worn look of the furniture creating a rustic design scheme.

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